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Dog Food Mix

The purpose of any diet is to provide your dog with optimal nutrition to develop and maintain a maximum level of health.

If, however, your dog doesn’t like the taste of what you put in his bowl and he refuses to eat, then the diet is a definite failure. Even though our food was formulated to provide wholesome nutrition we “lucked out” and dogs are crazy about the smell and taste of our meatloaf.

A natural home-prepared diet is one of the best investments – of both time and money – that you can make to improve and maintain the quality of your dog’s life. Our “mix” customers are rewarded by their dog’s excitement at meal time each and every day. They have chosen to prepare the same meatloaf that we make using our own recipe and dog food mix. Some have become rather creative by trying different meats and vegetables. Others have made this a family affair… children love to help make dog food.

Each box of dog food mix, Hypoallergenic and Growth makes approximately six batches. There are eight trays in a batch. There’s a recipe in every box.

Not sure about cooking for the dog? Why not give it a try. A trial size is available which includes enough mix for one batch plus aluminum pans and lids.

Make it yourself and there’ll be no mystery in the nutritious, wholesome meals you feed your dog.     YOU’ll FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!

Contains: Stone Ground – Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Whole Barley Flour, Carob Powder, ParsleyFlakes,Garlic Powder, Ground Ginger, Rubbed Oregano,Rubbed Marjoram, Ground Rosemary, LecithinGranules, Kelp, Calcium Carbonate (Eggshell Powder),VitaminC.

Meatloaf Recipe

2 whole eggs
¼ cup sunflower oil
1 cup yellow vegetable (ex. carrot, squash, sweet potato)
1 cup green vegetable (ex. collards, broccoli, green beans)
2 cups white potato
2 cups apple
7-8 cups (3 lbs.) raw ground meat (can be combination of 2/3 muscle meat & 1/3 organ meat)
2 ½ cups quick cooking rolledoats10 cups ‘Dogs We Love’ Adult grain mix
7-8 cups purified water 

Mix together eggs, oil, vegetables, apple and ground meat.
Add rolled oats, grain mix and water. Mix until blended.
Prepare 32 portions by one of the following methods. Each portion is generally enough food to feed a for a day.  

1. Divide evenly into 4mini-loaf pans (8 wells each) to make 32 loaves.
2. Divide into 2 – 9″ X13″ baking pans and cut each tray into 16 portions after baking.
3. Use less water and form the mixture into 32 “patties”. Bake on cookie sheets.
4. Divide evenly into eight 2lb. aluminum trays and, after baking, cut each tray into four portions. These trays can be purchased in the Dogs We Love shops.  

Bake in a conventional oven at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes (until done). Larger baking pans require more time.The meatloaf may be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 4 to 5 days. Freeze extra portions. 

Note: All vegetables and apple should be raw and finely chopped. If using the aluminum trays, each tray is generally enough food to feed a 100lb dog per day. Portion out according to the dogs weight. 

Cookie Mix

Beef Barley Cookie Mix

Next to meatloaf there’s nothing a dog enjoys more than his treats… COOKIES.

We have packaged some of our favourite recipes for you to make at home. As easy as an instant cake mix just add water, oil and egg for a delicious cookie dough. No kidding… some of the bakers nibble on the finished product.

With a variety of cookie cutters, children are easily entertained by making dog treats. Novice ‘potters’ can create unusual shapes for their dogs to devour. A fun time for all.

Cookie mixes are available in the following flavours:
Beef Barley
Golden Harvest
Oatmeal Carob Chip
Cheese Dreams
Apple Cinnamon

Cookie Recipe

In a large bowl combine:
½ cup Sunflower Oil                                          
3cups Water
Add 1 cup Grated Cheese or 1 cup Grated Carrot or 1 cup Cooked Ground Meat
Add 10 cups of Grain Mix 

Mix thoroughly.
Knead untilsmooth, roll out and cut.

Place on a greased cookie sheet and cook at 325 degrees F for 25 minutes.

For harder cookies prick them with a fork and leavein a cooling oven to dehydrate and harden.

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