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Many friends and neighbours have questioned and changed what they feed their dogs. They have seen that a dog fed this diet containing "real" food boosts the immune system resulting in fewer illnesses and thus lower vet bills.

It is so palatable and easy on sensitive stomachs that even my neighbour's dog, Crawford, a Cairn Terrier (and a very finicky eater) gobbles up every last morsel. Less gas and smaller, firmer stools means that they utilize more of the ingredients. Ears are clean and their coats are glossy with a healthier skin. No more itching, scratching and licking. Teeth are whiter and as a bonus - no more bad breath!

By cooking at home for my dogs, I knew exactly what they were getting, and not getting - no chemicals, additives, preservatives, fillers dyes or sugar.

By purchasing your food at Dogs We Love you'll know exactly what your dog is getting too.

A complete ingredient description is available upon request.

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I just wanted to thank you for making food that my Lhasa Apso 'Parker' can eat! The first 8 months that we had him, he had the runs more often than not. It was very frustrating, as we were told to introduce food over a one month period, and none made much difference at all, even the "all natural" and "holistic" ones!

I tried a homemade recipe that a friend recommended, but it only consisted of rice, turkey and vegetables. It didn't totally do the trick, and I wasn't convinced he was getting all the vitamins and minerals he needed.

Then someone recommended 'Dogs We Love' to us, so we drove up from Acton to check it out, bought a few trays and were astounded when his diarrhea disappeared after 48 hours!!! We are sold!!! Now I am buying the prepared mixes and the packages of frozen meat and making my own food and treats. It is easy to make and I will never feed him any other dogfood!! The only other 'treats' he gets are pieces of carrot, banana and apple, and a tidbit of cheese and turkey here and there. Thanks for helping me keep my dog healthy and happy.

Regards, Brenda LaRose     Acton.    




My dog Millie has had excellent success eating the meatloaf from Dogs We Love. Before starting her on the new diet, she experienced low energy, was difficult to feed and suffered from an upset stomach. After switching her diet for only four days, my entire family noticed a complete change in her behavior and energy level. Overnight she seemed years younger and finally for the first time, she actually enjoyed eating! The products from Dogs We Love have made a huge difference in her life and consequently in mine! Thank you so much for your wonderful, nutritious and natural food for pets.



                                                                                                                     ~Erin Blackstock


        Dear Lucy,

I have been so pleased with the food from Dogs We Love. Cameron has been eating the meatloaves for about two years, and I'm sure his glowing good health is a tribute to your healthy food. Although he is 12 years old, his coat is still thick and shiny, and his vet checkups are always excellent. He absolutely loves the food! Suppertime is announced with much delight - turning circles, happy barks, and expectant looks. His bowl empties in about 30 seconds and afterwards he throws himself down on the carpet for a "happy dance". Thankyou for making such a healthy dog food. Cameron sends many licks of appreciation!

          See you soon!  Jane McKee

Hi Lucy, just a quick note to tell you how much Dickens loves all flavours of your fresh food ... he literally goes absolutely crazy at meal times. I have never seen a nicer coat on a Golden Retriever and I am sure it is due to his diet. Thanks again.


Steve and "Dickens" - Mississauga

Molly and Haggis think that their chicken meals from Dogs we Love are just Dandie!

Our Dandie Dinmont Terriers have been thriving on Dogs we Love food since they were puppies, and even now their favourite times of day are breakfast and dinner. We think they are doing great!

Doug and Linda Tripp


Paige is a 5 year old Siberian Husky. She is a wonderful family dog. Very affectionate and playful, she is great with kids. She enjoys spending a lot of time outside to run free and explore. Paige began eating "Dogs We Love" food over a year ago. She was a fussy eater and had a few reoccurring health issues. Since switching foods we have noticed a dramatic difference in her coat. It is thicker, shinier, and she sheds less. Her overall health has also improved, and best of all...she loves it!

K. Bowman




Dear Lucy,

Thank you for making such yummy food that we love to eat.

Since we started eating your meatloaves we are healthy and happy boys- with big smiles on our faces!


Licks & Hugs

Bear & Nook




Dear Dogs We Love,

My parents began feeding me your wonderful meatloaves last spring because I had terrible food allergies. My pink tummy and leg pits were covered in an itchy rash. After five trays of terrific tasting meatloaf, my rash was gone....all gone.

My parents found another food mix closer to home, but after just one bag, my rash came back. Luckily they noticed it right away and I'm back on my favourite food in the whole wide world. I've been eating it for only two days, and I've stopped scratching. Thanks for making such great stuff.

Lots of licks.....Teddy.





Comet absolutely loves the meatloaf which I prepare for him from Dogs We Love. He has been eating this nutritious food for a span of two years now, and has been very healthy. It really helped build his immunity system. Comet is a volunteer therapy dog and loves to perform tricks. A lot of residents

 at nursing homes comment on Comet's soft shiny coat, and they also mention how I really take care of him. I believe all the natural ingredients in the food provide nutritional value, and his teeth are so clean and white.

It's funny.....because when I prepare his food he is literally glued to my kitchen floor licking his lips...watching every step I make. He knows it's for him. Comet has made a difference in people's lives, but DOGS WE LOVE has made a difference in Comet's.

Thank you, Dogs We Love, for creating such a wonderful healthy product for our canine friends.


....theresa & tom...


Dear Aunt Lucy and Aunt Esther:

Thank you so much for the delicious beef and chicken meals I am now enjoying so much. I am a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier. My mom gave me all kinds of commercial dog foods. I tried many of them but I didn't like any. I would let my food stay in the bowl until I was starved enough to eat some of it. I suppose my mom had to give me too many treats thinking I was always hungry, and I guess I was. Well, when she heard of " Dogs We Love" and purchased your chicken and beef meals for me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was, and still is so delicious. I can't wait to get my portion as soon as she gets it ready for me, and it is gone in seconds. I am sure I could eat it non-stop if she would allow it. I have also lost a few extra pounds and feel great now! My coat is shiny and soft and my stools are firm and I am a very happy dog. Thank goodness my mom found out about you.


With love, B.J.

Thank you to "Dogs We Love" for giving my little friend Sydney the gift of Good Health! Sydney, a six year old, 6lb. Yorkshire Terrier captured our hearts from the moment we saw her. However, she continually had problems with extreme bloating, vomiting and bloody stools from the time we brought her home from the breeders. At times, she was so uncomfortable, she could not even climb stairs. She would often go a day or two without eating, and even though she did eat, she would be out at least four times during the night. Many visits to the vet always ended with a prescription for antibiotics and NO answers as to the source of her stomach problems. I tried at least a dozen different dog foods and specialty canned foods. Ninety percent of the time she would turn her nose up and walk away without trying them. I could see she was suffering with this digestive problem but I didn't know which way to turn. A year ago, friends recommended I try a special dog food their Yorkie was eating. They described it as "a meat loaf" made fresh with no preservatives. Since they had discovered this "MIRACLE FOOD", they had noticed a hige difference in their dog's shiney coat and her energy level. Although 6 years old, she was again as frisky as a puppy and she was absolutely crazy about this food. Sydney by this time was so ill, I would have tried anything! So when my friends offered me a few squares of the "Dogs We Love" hypo chicken to try, I readily accepted.

I saw an immediate difference in Sydney! She loved the food and ate every bit of it! No more bloating, vomiting or bloody stools and she no longer needed to go out during the night. She is frisky, her coat has a beautiful shine, and most importantly, during the six months she has been on this wonderful food, WE HAVE NOT HAD TO VISIT THE VET ONCE! Sydney is a new dog! I would recommend (and do) "Dogs We Love" to anyone who is blessed with the companionship of a dear four-legged friend, I am so grateful to have a healthy and happy dog, which I know is due to "Dogs We Love" food.

Melissa Martinez, Waterloo ON



We would like to thank you for making wonderful food for dogs. Taz just loves the food and treats from your store. He still bounces for his food after almost two years.

Evan, Kim, Mackenzie & Taz.  


Dear Lucy & Esther,

Dino loves his food! He has been eating "Dogs We Love" hypo Lamb meatloaf for a year and a half, never once refusing to eat his meal. This was not the case with other dog foods no matter what we did to enhance the smell. We had considered making our own food for him, but you saved us the trouble. Dino is healthy, happy and looks great! Thanks for making such a great product!

Susan Bos & Dino 

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