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At "Dogs We Love" we make and to you, fresh food for dogs....daily. You spend your money on quality, local ingredients... not advertising , packaging and reseller (pet store) mark-ups.

It shows in our customers - the 4-legged ones - with improved appetites, energy levels, coats and general health.


COVID-19 Information and Updates

Dogs We Love is taking proactive measures to limit the transmission of the virus and are monitoring the situation closely.

To maintain social distancing and minimize the spread of this virus we will no longer allow customers to enter our stores.

It is our intention to provide both food and treats as long as we have staff and supplies.

Please call ahead during business hours to either the Orangeville 519-940-3598 or Collingwood 705-293-4001 store to place your order and make payment.

Notify us by phone upon your arrival and we will place your order on a cart outside of the door.

We appreciate your understanding in our efforts to protect both staff and customers while still providing for your best friend.



Good food is not a complicated thing
- it's common sense!


Dogs We Love
328 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 4L7

For more information contact us at: (519) 940-3598
or email: