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Price List


Growth Formula Chicken (300g) $3.25
Growth Formula Chicken (750g) $6.50
Hypo Beef (300g) $3.25
Hypo Beef (750g) $6.50
Hypo Chicken (300g) $3.00
Hypo Chicken (750g) $6.00
Hypo Lamb (300g) $3.75
Hypo Lamb (750g) $7.50
Growth Formula Beef (750g) $7.00
Growth Formula Beef (300g) $3.50


"Make Your Own" Growth Mix $60.00
"Make Your Own" Hypo Mix $55.00
"Make Your Own" Trial Kit-Hypo Mix $20.00
"Make Your Own" Set of 8 pans & lids $8.00
Frozen Meat 3lb Pkg - Beef $12.00
Frozen Meat 3lb Pkg - Chicken $12.00


Beef Barley (100g) $2.00
Beef Stew (100g) $2.00
Chicken Stew (100g) $2.00
Golden Harvest (100g) $2.00
Oatmeal Carob Chip (100g) $2.00
Sweet Potato Flax Seed (100g) $2.00

Specialty Cookies

Beef Barley Bears  $.75 each
Bagels  $1.00 each
Large Cheese Bones  $1.00 each
Carob Dipped Bones  $1.00 each
Peanut Butter Dipped Bones  $.75 each
Gingerbread Men  $.75 each
Pizzas  $1.00 each

Small Bones

Beef Barley (pkg of 5) $1.20
Cheese (pkg of 5) $1.20
Golden Harvest (pkg of 5) $1.20
Oatmeal Carob (pkg of 5) $1.20

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